Current Projects

“Human Doll” – Body paint marionette theme.

“Getting Gritty at the Gym” – boxing ring / speedbags.

“Shadow Box” – Classic poses in a black and white low key setting.

“Welcome to the BigTop” – Circus theme high fashion.

“The Four Elements” – Exploration of the four elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire…

“Ghostly Images” – Time delayed photos of models in motion.

“Liquid Fashion” – Dresses made of liquid media.

“In the Mirror” – Reflected images showing what we think rather than what we see..

“Painted in Light” – Model painted with projected images.

“Rub a Dub Dub” – Modern Pinup in Milk Bath / Tub

“A Moment before Malice” –

This is a long term shooting project that has grown from the initial concept.  The goal is make this an editorial art installation, the concept is “a moment before malice”, this captures the scene just before malice / violence against women.  No faces or only partial view of face will be in image.  We will capture the Asian girl before being sold into domestic servitude by her family, the girlfriend just before a domestic battery, a teen threat with slut shaming, girl at the bar with friends being roofied, so 12 images in all but don’t want to give the whole thing away.  We will show images where women with no one fault of their own are made powerless by society.

“Pinup Disney” – Yes a copy of someone else’s concept but who doesn’t love Disney characters and Pinups.